The Ringling

When I first saw The Ringling wedding venue, I knew that I just had to photograph here. I can’t imagine anyone visiting this venue and not finding something to appreciate. Every single corner of this venue is stunning and everything that they do is turned into art. What a great honor it would be to have one of the most significant moments of your life held in such a significant venue such as The Ringling.

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Ceremony and Reception Spaces

The Ca’d’Zan Mansion is the keystone ceremony and reception space at The Ringling. This space features stunning Venetian Gothic architecture, bay front views, and an expansive terrace with twinkle lights above. The Museum of Art Courtyard provides a more romantic mood for your wedding day with an outdoor courtyard featuring Greek, Roman, and Baroque statues as well as access to the indoor art galleries for your and your guests.

The Ringling also has multiple options available for more intimate wedding days. The Historic Circus Galleries and the Tibbals Learning Center give your wedding day a bit more of a playful vibe featuring circus memorabilia and a big top. The Belvedere Tower of the Ca’dZan is also available for up to 7 guests giving you a stunning view from above, overlooking Sarasota Bay and the surrounding venue grounds.

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Amenities and History at The Ringling

One of the best amenities available at The Ringling is the history and art this venue provides. Originally built as a summer home in 1924 for John Ringling, of the Ringling Bros Circus, this site now hosts some of the must unique and facinating artwork available. On your wedding day, you can choose to channel your inner child and explore the big top or can choose a more sophisticated occasion around the Ca’d’Zan Estate. All of this is provided with each wedding package as well as a one hour wedding rehearsal and a two-hour photoshoot around the property.

Wedding Packages and Cost

Wedding packages at The Ringling start at $3,500 for both daytime ceremonies as well as nighttime ceremony and reception packages. The venue can accommodate up to 800 guests throughout the facility.

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