A Wedding Schedule to go by

Timing! You picked out your venue, fell in love with a dress, and hired most of your vendors, but how do we get everything done in one day? It’s hard to know when on your Wedding day things are going to be happening and how long everything is going to take. Luckily I’ve experienced a couple of weddings in my day and can lend you a helping hand. Here is a wedding day schedule from a Tampa Wedding Photographer that just makes sense

This guide goes by a 5:00 ceremony time. Feel free to adjust all timing depending on your ceremony time…

TAMPA WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS NOTE: We do tend to sneak out one last time around 7 pm for golden hour sunset bride and groom pictures depending on our couple and how they’d like to spend their day!

11:30 Arrival Photographers arrive to start photographing your wedding day!

12:00 Getting Ready and Details Start by photographing your details and some getting ready moments

1:45 Groom Formals Portraits of the groom and groomsmen and the Groom’s Parents.

Also, a great time for the Bridesmaids to start getting dressed

2:30 Bride Gets in Dress Photograph of Bride being assisted with last details of dress, earrings, and jewelry. Parents First Look. Bridesmaid’s first look.

3:15 Bridal and Bridal Party Formals. Formals of Bride and Bridal Party with Bride’s Parents

In event of First Look:

1:30 Bride gets dressed

2:00 Send Groom

2:15 Send Bride

3:00 Full and Separate Bridal Party Photos

3:30 Photos with Parents

4:00 All Photos End Give Bride, Groom, And Bridal Party a break

5:00 Ceremony You’re getting married!

5:30 Immediate Family Formals Warn your immediate family that this would be the time for Family Formals. This usually includes immediate family such as parents, siblings, grandparents, and close relatives

5:50 Full Bridal Party Both the Groomsmen and the Bridesmaids.

6:00 Bride and Groom Portraits At last a moment alone with your best friend

6:30 Reception Begins You are formally announced as Bride and Groom in front of all of your friends and family.

Important moments come into play here such as the first dance, father-daughter dance, toasts, cake cutting, and highlights of the dance floor

8:00 Departure Photography coverage ends. 10-hour coverage would start at 10:30 and end at 9!

10:30 Reception Ends

Well, there you have it, a wedding day schedule from a Tampa Wedding Photographer that just makes sense!

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