6 Tips before hiring your Wedding Photographer

A few tips on what to look for when hiring a Wedding Photographer. Let’s face it, who actually knows what they are doing when planning their own wedding? If you really think about it, Photography from your wedding is mostly all you have to represent the memories from one of the most special days in your life.

Although you may be overwhelmed and caught up in the “what to do’s” by numerous friends and Family members; here is a guide that shows what you may actually value out of the person who photographs your wedding.

1. When should I hire a Wedding Photographer?

You’re Engaged! After planning your budget, make a Pinterest Board (or three), and complete your guest list. The first couple of things you may cross off your Vendor List is the Venue and Wedding Planner! Why? Because that is the pieces of your day that will be most devoted to your wedding?

Next, well you may have guessed it from the title, is your Wedding Photographer. This should be scheduled as far out as possible, usually at least a full year out. Nobody wants to scramble for a Wedding Photographer 6 months prior to your wedding, this is what will tell your story.

2. How much does it cost to hire a Wedding Photographer?

If you’ve already started researching Wedding Photographers you’ve probably noticed the wide range in pricing. Someone on Facebook probably told you you can find a Wedding Photographer for as low as $500. However, you also have seen great photographers in your area charge as much as $7000. What is a good range for you?

Anywhere between $500 to $1500 usually means that they are a beginner. These Photographers are a little more inexperienced with problems that arise during the wedding day and lighting. Typically they are still building their portfolio and learning different techniques.

In the $2000-$3000 range, tends to fall a photographer that is still developing their style and more of an investment in Photography Gear. However, they tend to shoot a lot more than Weddings.

If you are looking at a Wedding Photographer who charges $3500-$5000, they usually are a High-Demand Full-time Wedding Photographer. These photographers will focus on your Love Story, their service, and providing great value. This is what they specialize in, and they have a process as well as an established style.

Any Photographer who charges $6000+ is what we consider a Luxury Style Photographer. These Wedding Photographers are extremely established and have a Solid Consistent Process and a Luxury Service. You can ensure that your photographs will come out beyond what you could’ve imagined, which will give you peace of mind on the wedding day.

3. Should I hire a Second Photographer?

A second Photographer does ensure that every single moment is captured on your Wedding Day. For example, we all want the photo of the groom’s reaction walking down the aisle, but what about the Bride’s reaction? Or maybe the second photographer can grab a couple of key moments from Happy hour while the Maine photographer is photographing Family Formals. It’s always nice to receive as many key moments from your special day as possible, from multiple points of view.

4. How long do I need to hire a Photographer for my Wedding?

Researching different collections and acquiring as much information as you can, you may notice different hours being offered. How long should you hire a photographer for your wedding?

4 to 6 Hours will usually include the Ceremony, Family Formals, Couple Portraits, and the First Dance. This makes the most sense for intimate weddings without receptions or bridal parties, and for couples who don’t want photos getting ready.

8 to 10 hours will usually include Getting Ready, First Look, Bridal Party Portraits, Ceremony, Family Formals, Couple Portraits, and Reception Highlights. These are for the couple who want to make sure EVERYTHING is covered. This makes the most sense for larger weddings being that getting groups together and traveling from place to place will require a little bit more time. This is most common for typical wedding day coverage.

5. Should I have a First Look?

We hear all of the hype about a First Look; but is this something that really makes sense for your wedding? A First Look is a more intimate 1st time seeing each other without the pressure of Family or Friends. This easily calms the nerves leading up to your ceremony and gives you a moment to be more present and alone with the person you are marrying.

This tends to ease the timeline of your Wedding Day, and gives you and your photographer plenty of time to get an extra couple of photographs in. That way this moment does not have to be rushed in any way post-ceremony before the sun sets.

Every Wedding is different and depending on your values this is not at all mandatory on your Wedding Day, folks tend to go the more traditional route as well. However, this is a great option for having a more seamless schedule on such a special day.

6. Do I need Engagement Photos?

You’ll notice that some Wedding Photographers even include Engagement Photos in their Collections. These are great to use for Save-the-Date cards and in some cases Wedding Invitations. It’s also nice to have professional photographs with your fiance outside of your upcoming wedding.

This is also a great consideration to get more comfortable in front of the camera and with your wedding photographer. This is a great way to bond prior to Wedding Day!

A great tip is to plan your Bridal Makeup Trial with your Engagement photos!

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